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About Us

Welcome to RedLine Lures, We are  home to the FadeBlade Spinnerbait and Tailkicker. We are committed to providing our customers with quality products that are designed, built and tested using the best components available. Whether you are a casual or tournament angler, we want to make your next fishing trip a successful one. When you purchase one of our products, it is our goal to provide you with quality customer support. If you have a question or comment please feel free to contact us.


Product Description

FadeBlade River Series


The FadeBlade River Series has two tone gold blades that has a unique visual effect in all water conditions. The Hidden Weight adds greater depth control and a smaller head profile and also features a plastic line keeper, this keeps your line from sliding out of the r-bend. Available in 1/4oz, 3/8oz , 1/2oz. and 3/4oz.

Pro Series Spinnerbait


The Pro Series Spinnerbait is built with premium components, available in a range of color and blade combinations, these spinnerbaits are proven and ready to go. The Pro Series is a quality spinnerbait at an affordable price. Available in 1/4oz, 3/8oz and 1/2oz.



With Most tail-spinners it's so easy for a fish to throw the lure as he jumps. The TailKicker is design to overcome that problem by effectively separating the hook from the lure. The line runs through a vertical hole in the center of the lure and out the belly, then attaches to the hook. When a fish jumps, the lure body slides up the line while the hook remains embedded. The TailKicker makes an excellent vertical jigging lure and also is a killer for schooling fish. Available in  3/8oz, 1/2oz and 1oz.



Buzzbait are constructed with premium components, features include the Z-Bend wire that allows the lure to ride deeper in the water for a more natural presentation. This lure also features a premiun skirt and Mustad hook. Available in  1/4oz and 3/8oz.

Woodknocker Flipping Jig


WoodKnocker Flipping Jigs feature a Mustad Ultra Point Flat Eye Hook, a semi recessed hook makes for less hang ups in blow downs and does not allow braided line to pull out where the line tie turns into the shank and features a Hole-in-One premium Skirt that will not slip. Available in 3/8oz, 1/2oz and 3/4oz.

Hole-in-One Skirts


We use Hole-in-One Skirts that are banded skirts with a hole directly in the center for quick and easy installation. The strands are glued to a silicone core, which also helps the material flare for better action and will not slip on the lure.

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